High-temperature equation of state of vanadium

W. A. Crichton, J. Guignard, E. Bailey, D. P. Dobson, S. A. Hunt, A. R. Thomson
2016 High Pressure Research  
The unit cell dimensions of vanadium, NaCl and Au have been collected to 11. 5 GPa and 1000 K by powder x-ray diffraction and are used to constrain a practical high temperature EoS for bcc vanadium. The resulting 3 rd -order Birch-Murnaghan EoS is described with parameters K T0,300 = 150.4 +/-6.2 GPa, K T ' = 5.5 +/-1.0,  0 = 4.8(6)10 -5 ,  1 = -2.4(9)10 -8 and K T /T = -0.0446(7) GPa/K. The parameter .K 0,300 is 61610 -5 K -1 GPa and reduces to zero at an estimated 60 GPa at RT. This
more » ... 60 GPa at RT. This EoS description is entirely consistent with the majority of x-ray, ultrasonic, shock wave and calculated datasets in this p, T range. These measurements facilitate the estimation of in situ temperatures under high pressures when vanadium is used inside sample assemblies and is useful, when used with h-BN, to estimate p, T over the full range of h-BN stability.
doi:10.1080/08957959.2015.1123256 fatcat:3nryku3xyjbvrmkqhv75yia6ie