Review of the Eumerus barbarus species group (Diptera: Syrphidae) from the western Mediterranean Basin

Jeroen Van Steenis, Martin Hauser, Menno Van Zuijen
2017 unpublished
The species of the Eumerus barbarus group from the western parts of the Mediterranean Basin are revised. Two species new to science are described, i.e. Eumerus gibbosus sp. n. (from Portugal and Spain) and Eumerus schmideg-geri sp. n. (from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia). The other two species included in this group are Eumerus barbarus (Co-quebert, 1804) and Eumerus sulcitibius Rondani, 1868. A neotype is designated for E. barbarus and we also designated a lectotype for Eumerus iris Loew, 1848.
more » ... us iris Loew, 1848. All species are figured, their synonyms are reviewed and an identification key is presented. Eumerus truncatus Rondani, 1868 is withdrawn from synonymy with E. barbarus and considered a bona species; additionally, this species is recorded from Morocco, Portugal, Spain and Tunisia for the first time. A short discussion on the value of the Mediterranean Basin as biodiversity hotspot for hoverflies is given.