Operating value and economic efficiency of Large White breed sows

V. Khalak, B. Gutyj, O. Bordun
2020 Ukrainian Journal of Ecology  
The article deals with the reproductive qualities of Large White breed sows of Hungarian origin and their operational value. We also determined they economic efficiency. The experimental part of the research was conducted in agricultural formations of Dnipro region (AALLC "Druzhba-Kaznachejivka", Ltd. "Vidrodzhennja") and livestock laboratories of the State establishment Institute of Grain Crops NAAS. Evaluation of sows on the main indicators of the level of adaptation and reproductive
more » ... productive qualities was performed taking into account the following quantitative characteristics: life expectancy, months, duration of breeding use, farrowing was obtained, total piglets were obtained, heads, live piglets were obtained, heads, fertility of heads, nest masst at the time of weaning at the age of 28 days (kg), preservation (%), duration of between farrowing period, days, number of unproductive days per farrowing. It is defined that sows of Large White breed of the controlled herd on the main indicators of reproductive qualities (fertility, head; nest mass at the time of weaning at the age of 28 days, kg) meet the minimum requirements of class I and elite class. A significant difference between the groups of animals of the categories "high operational value" and "low operational value" was defined by indicators "life expectancy, months" (29.9 months, td = 13.71), "duration of breeding use, months" (29.6 months, td = 14.50), "farrowings were obtained" (5.7 farrowings, td = 14.50), "total piglets were obtained, heads" (70.5, heads, td = 13.85), "obtained live piglets, heads" (67.7 heads, td = 20.83), "fertility, heads " (3.3 heads, td = 10.31), nest mass at the time of weaning at the age of 28 days (6.5 kg, td = 2.55). Coefficients of phenotypic consolidation of signs of reproductive qualities in sows of different operational value ranged from -0.785 to +0.856. The maximum supplement in additional products on the indicator "nest mass at the time of weaning at the age of 28 days, kg" was obtained from sows of the category "high operational value" - 6.03%.
doi:10.15421/2020_178 fatcat:wepknfcp6jfjrl2hw77eugqlce