Automatic Transformation of Ordinary Timed Petri Nets into Event-B for Formal Verification

Chalika Saksupawattanakul, Wiwat Vatanawood
2018 Engineering Journal  
The behavioral correctness of real-time software systems relies on both the results of its computation and the clock times when the results are produced. Obviously, formal verification of the safety and correctness of real-time software specification from the very beginning of the software design phase obviously helps us reduce the development efforts. From a practical point of view, the timed Petri net is commonly used to graphically model and illustrate the view of the timed behavior of
more » ... ime software systems, which is a good basis for an understanding of a model. However, there is a lack of development process software for the simulation of a timed Petri net. Alternatively, formal verification using the Event-B specification method provides an efficient automatic theorem proving tool which is focused on the development process and provides an efficient verified internal data of software. Unfortunately writing an Event-B specification from scratch is still difficult and a mathematical logic background is needed. In this paper, we propose an automatic transformation of ordinary timed Petri nets into Event-B specifications. The basic notations in the ordinary timed Petri nets are considered and mapped into the code fragments of Event-B. The final resulting Event-B codes are generated in the well-formed format which is required and successfully verified by an Event-B prover called a Rodin tool.
doi:10.4186/ej.2018.22.4.161 fatcat:nxcpmmdc45anbk7xxdt6vvvg7y