Distributed Cooperative Jamming with Neighborhood Selection Strategy for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Swarms

Yongkun Zhou, Dan Song, Bowen Ding, Bin Rao, Man Su, Wei Wang
2022 Electronics  
In system science, a swarm possesses certain characteristics which the isolated parts and the sum do not have. In order to explore emergence mechanism of a large–scale electromagnetic agents (EAs), a neighborhood selection (NS) strategy–based electromagnetic agent cellular automata (EA–CA) model is proposed in this paper. The model describes the process of agent state transition, in which a neighbor with the smallest state difference in each sector area is selected for state transition.
more » ... e, the evolution rules of the traditional CA are improved, and performance of different evolution strategies are compared. An application scenario in which the emergence of multi–jammers suppresses the radar radiation source is designed to demonstrate the effect of the EA–CA model. Experimental results show that the convergence speed of NS strategy is better than those of the traditional CA evolution rules, and the system achieves effective jamming with the target after emergence. It verifies the effectiveness and prospects of the proposed model in the application of electronic countermeasures (ECM).
doi:10.3390/electronics11020184 fatcat:23w2ailahrbqdl2ye5nrn2ardi