The Implementation of Augmented Reality Hairstyles at Beauty Salons Using the Viola-Jones Method (Case Study: Eka Salon)

Graha Virgian Gustira Putri, Ade Syahputra, Silvester Dian Handy Permana
2020 JISA(Jurnal Informatika dan Sains)  
Augmented reality is the technology that superimposes a computer-generated digital content on a user's view of the real world in a real time so users can experience the real virtual objects. The use of augmented reality has spread into various industries, for an example in the fashion industry. One of fashion industry type is hairstyle industry. Eka Salon is a beauty salon that provides beauty treatments for women's hair care. This salon has a problem that customer are not satisfacted with the
more » ... esults of their new haircut because that doesnt match with their expectations. This can be seen from the results of observations at Eka Salon is resulted that 8 out of 15 interviewed customers were not satisfied with their new haircuts because it did not match the appearance in the catalog. In this research, an augmented reality hairstyles will be made that can visualize how the shape of the selected hairstyle by the customer without having to cut their hair first. The Viola-Jones method was chosen as the method used in this study because it has a high accuracy of 90% in face detection. The result of this research is that the Viola-Jones method can detect facial surfaces and generate a 3D hairstyle model distance to 100cm properly. The test of the acceptance level of this application is carried out by Eka Salon customers with an average percentage of 84.3%.
doi:10.31326/jisa.v3i2.847 fatcat:rcsqjzfrr5hnbdz2lnnw4ac34u