Tunable solid state laser for HF mirror metrology

AnnMarie L. Oien, Timothy J. Carrig, Gregory J. Wagner, Chris J. Urbina, Jonathan W. Arenberg, Jennifer A. Keene, Steven J. Davis, Michael C. Heaven
2002 Gas and Chemical Lasers and Intense Beam Applications III  
HF mirror metrology is currently costly and time consuming, requiring laser component delivery to an HF laser site, and operation of another HF laser to reach relevant wavelengths. Coherent Technologies, Inc (CTI) has developed a solid state Cr:ZnSe laser pumped by a Tm:YALO laser that provides up to 1.1 W of output power with 1. lmm linewidth at 2.64pm, an HF laser line. The laser can also tune to other HF laser lines in the wavelength range of 2.64 pm to 2.8itm. The Cr:ZnSe laser was used to
more » ... laser was used to measure the reflectivity of HF mirror samples provided by TRW. Examples of other possible applications of this source include beam train alignment and preliminary testing of diagnostic subsystems that measure HF laser output power, wavefronts, and beam profiles. Such a direct laser source is simple and can potentially achieve high intensity stability, allowing for a robust and compact HF laser surrogate. Moreover, power scaling is straightforward.
doi:10.1117/12.465769 fatcat:y356v44r5bacrhdi2cg5x6opku