The Temperature in the Cutting Zone when Applying Deformational Cutting to Form a Hardened Layer
Температура зоны механической обработки при формировании упрочненного слоя методом деформирующего резания

S.G. Vasiliev, Y.I. Shulyak
2019 Proceedings of Higher Educational Institutions Маchine Building  
Deformational cutting is a promising method of increasing wear resistance of friction surfaces by creating a strain hardened surface layer on them. An important factor influencing the deformational cutting process is the temperature in the cutting zone, therefore, it is necessary to obtain calculation formulas for predicting it. In this paper, the temperature change during deformational cutting of non-hardened austenitic steel in order to form a hardened layer was studied in relation to the
more » ... relation to the cutting parameters: cutting depth, feed and cutting speed. Austenitic steel was selected as a promising material for strain hardening by the deformational cutting method. Temperature measurements were carried out using the natural thermocouple method. An empirical formula for calculating the temperature in the cutting zone depending on the cutting parameters was obtained.
doi:10.18698/0536-1044-2019-4-3-10 fatcat:5upqc7ruy5ddtkspwqpjjzcfqq