Design and Analysis of Thermo-Fuel Production Plant

Abhijeet Patil, Vishal Palkar, Sandeep Chirde, Hemant Shukla, Prof. Vivekanand Navadagi
2015 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
In present study, plastic wastes (polyethylene) were used for the Pyrolysis to get fuel oil that has the same physical properties as the fuel used in aviation industry. The experiment was carried out in two ways, first, thermal Pyrolysis (without the aid of a catalyst) and second, catalytic Pyrolysis (with the aid of a catalyst). The catalyst used for the experiment is Zeolite and silica-alumina in proportion of 1:1. Pyrolysis runs without oxygen and in high temperature of about 500 0 C, which
more » ... s why a reactor was constructed for the reaction and a furnace designed to provide the required temperature. This study shows that the Pyrolysis of polyethylene requires a temperature of about 550 o C and catalyst to waste ratio of 1:10 for it to yield the highest quantity of hydrocarbon. This study also involves the complete Design and Analysis of the Furnace. Various types of analysis like CFD Analysis, Thermal Analysis and Structural analysis were carried out for the Furnace and delivery Pipe of the thermo-fuel experimental setup. This Study focuses completely on the Design, Analysis and Production of Waste Plastic Fuel.
doi:10.17577/ijertv4is041234 fatcat:z3tiomji5rdj5ojft2zj4yhkjm