psvWave: elastic wave propagation in 2d for Python and C++ [post]

Lars Gebraad, Andreas Fichtner
2022 unpublished
We present 'psvWave', a basic numerical finite difference solver for Python and C++, specifically targeted at seismologists. The solver is based on the well-established staggered grid approaches developed for the P-SV elastic wave equation. Although its functionality is limited (solely moment tensor sources, only Ricker wavelets source time functions), it does possess the ability to perform adjoint simulations, and its performance has so far allowed the development of Bayesian sampling for
more » ... Waveform Inversion using the Hamiltonian Monte Carlo algorithm. We present this as an open source project, and invite anyone to contribute.
doi:10.31223/x5r91q fatcat:rktmzahd2baurl7drihjekrxuq