Sexuality and genetic behavior in the fungusHypomyces (Fusarium) solanif. sp.cucurbitae

W. C. Snyder, S. G. Georgopoulos, R. K. Webster, S. N. Smith
1975 Hilgardia  
The host-specialized pathogen, Fusarium (Hypomyces) solani f. sp. cucurbitae causes rots of the stem, root, and fruit of cucurbits in many places in the world. The fungus is seed-borne, soil-borne, and sometimes air-borne. The individual clone is usually hermaphroditic but has been found in nature in a uni-sexual form. Although the Fusarium is heterothallic, rarely are the two mating types (+ and -) found together. When they are mated, the perithecia may be either red, or white, depending upon
more » ... he genetic constitution. Races, as distinguished by host response, are not interfertile. Mutations of the normal hermaphrodite may give rise to male, female or neuter forms.
doi:10.3733/hilg.v43n06p161 fatcat:vne6e6j7a5di3kr3rdkqrgwau4