O Estado, o estatismo autoritário e as políticas públicas na concepção de Poulantzas

Regina Stori
2020 ReLePe en Revista  
This article explores the capitalist state notion from the perspective developed by Nicos Poulantzas in his latest book (The State, the power, the socialism - 1978), as well as it evaluates how his analysis enable the public policies understanding today . The concept of State is presented as the material condensation of a force relation, progressing to an authoritarian statism, a concept developed by Poulantzas to explain the Executive power strengthening and the political democracy
more » ... mocracy institutions decline. Concluding that the Poulantzian thought, despite of being based on his analysis in the 1970s, remains current and allows the public policies understanding in contemporary times.
doi:10.5212/retepe.v.5.17052.023 fatcat:lj6jkntudjapbi3pt5denlrxai