Vox2Vox: 3D-GAN for Brain Tumour Segmentation [article]

Marco Domenico Cirillo and David Abramian and Anders Eklund
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Gliomas are the most common primary brain malignancies, with different degrees of aggressiveness, variable prognosis and various heterogeneous histological sub-regions, i.e., peritumoral edema, necrotic core, enhancing and non-enhancing tumour core. Although brain tumours can easily be detected using multi-modal MRI, accurate tumor segmentation is a challenging task. Hence, using the data provided by the BraTS Challenge 2020, we propose a 3D volume-to-volume Generative Adversarial Network for
more » ... gmentation of brain tumours. The model, called Vox2Vox, generates realistic segmentation outputs from multi-channel 3D MR images, segmenting the whole, core and enhancing tumor with mean values of 87.20%, 81.14%, and 78.67% as dice scores and 6.44mm, 24.36mm, and 18.95mm for Hausdorff distance 95 percentile for the BraTS testing set after ensembling 10 Vox2Vox models obtained with a 10-fold cross-validation.
arXiv:2003.13653v3 fatcat:l7r32mkujvc2voxct5fxeypfji