Hydrodynamic Forces Acting on a Cylinder in Motion, and the Idea of a "Hydrodynamic Centre"

W. G. Bickley
1929 Proceedings of the Royal Society A  
296 W. G. Bickley. 4. A new band system, photographed under low dispersion, has been described. A vibrational analysis of these bands is given, which shows that their initial level is identical with the new level at v = 58927 found by Hopfield and Birge, and their final level is the same as the final level of the above three band systems of the CO molecule. 5. The fine structure analysis of the 0-0 and 0-1 bands of the third positive system is given and the usual molecular constants evaluated.
more » ... his analysis shows that the final level of these bands is a quintet P level, the transition being 3S -»■ 5P. The 3 A bands are probably due to the transition 5P -> 5P. DESCRIPTION OF PLATE 3. 1. Third positive Carbon bands, 0 -4, 0 -3, and 0 -2, enlarged 3 • 5 times. 2. Third positive Carbon bands, 0 -1 and 0 -0, enlarged 4-5 times. 3. New bands, enlarged three times.
doi:10.1098/rspa.1929.0115 fatcat:5owdboc65bd53jrlve4y7deg6y