Response to ACTH Challenge in Female Dairy Calves in Relation to Their Milk Yield

E. Szűcs, H. Fébel, J. Janbaz, Gy. Huszenicza, M. Mézes, A. T. Tran, Cs. Ábrahám, A. Gáspárdy, I. Györkös, J. Seenger, J. A. Nasser
2003 Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences  
Attempts have been made to establish relationship between the response to ACTH challenge in female calves, growth and first lactation performance. A total of 19 Holstein calves weighing 100 kg i. v. were given 0.50 IU of ACTH/kg BW .75 (EXACTHIN inj., Richter G., Budapest) at 60 days of age. Serial blood samples were taken at times 0, 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 hours and analyzed for cortisol, glucose insulin and FFA levels. From challenge series the area under the curve from time of administration
more » ... of administration and the following 5 h were calculated. Negative, and mostly loose relationship between response to ACTH challenge for cortisol, insulin, or FFA and ADWG during growth have been established (p>0.05) with positive one for glucose. Bivariate coefficients of correlation varied within the range from -0.35 to 0.15. Estimations reveal negative correlation between the length of first lactation and cortisol or insulin (r=-0.80, p<0.001 and r=-0.45, p<0.10, resp.) Close association between cortisol or insulin and actual first lactation milk yield was found (r=-0.48, p<0.10; r=-0.64, p<0.01, resp.). Close relationship between the response to ACTH challenge and milk protein yield was present only for insulin (r=-0.59, p<0.05). (Asian-Aust.
doi:10.5713/ajas.2003.806 fatcat:s2xdgdecb5bnrgazrzgfi3j3wq