Development, Optimization and In-Vitro Evaluation of Aceclofenac Dry Emulsion Tablets by Carrier Based Technique

Gunjan Subedi, Basanta Dhodary, Basanta Rijal, Kshitis Chandra Baral, Bibas Adhikary
2015 5, Issue:1 Citation: Gunjan Subedi et al. Ijppr.Human   unpublished
Dry emulsion tablet (DET) is a solid dosage form that is prepared from emulsion system. The objective of this project was to formulate a dried emulsified tablet of aceclofenac which on contact with the aqueous phase transforms quickly into emulsion with better release behavior and improved physical and microbiological stability. A physically stable emulsion was prepared with the help of HPMC(E15) and blends of Tween 80 and Span 80 as emulsifier and capric acid as oil phase by studying the
more » ... ity parameters. Thus prepared stable emulsions were adsorbed by adding aerosil till free flowing powder was obtained. The micromeretic properties like flow and powder density was studied. Then the powder was dried at low temperature (50 o C) to remove the remaining moisture in the hot air oven. Thus devised dry emulsion powder was then compressed into tablets and was compared with marketed products. The formulation containing oil in the proportion 50%, emulsifier as HPMC 30% (HPMC 3% w/w) and water 20% showed the highest drug release (96%) as compared to other formulation and also compared to the marketed product. Dried Emulsion tablets thus produced by the current method have improved dissolution profile and fast onset of actions.