1897 The Lancet  
The 15 fatal cases of measles exceeded by 3 the number in the preceding week, and included 8 in Leith, 4 in Glasgow, and 3 in Edinburgh. The deaths referred to different forms of "fever," which had been been 10 and 3 in the two preceding weeks, rose again to 7 last week, of which 2 occurred in Glasgow, where 3 of the 5 fatal cases of scarlet fever were also recorded. The deaths from diseases of the respiratory organs in these towns, which had been 69 and 68 in the two preceding weeks, rose
more » ... to 87 last week, and exceeded by 21 the number in the corresponding week ef last year. The causes of 38, or nearly 7 per cent., of the deaths in these eight towns last week were not certified. HEALTH OF DUBLIN. The death-rate in Dublin, which had increased in the three preceding weeks from 20'3 to 24.2 per 1000, -declined again to 23'3 during the week ending July 24th. During the past three weeks of the current quarter the death-rate in the city has averaged 23'0 per 1000, the rate during the same period being 17'1 in London and 20-2 in Edinburgh. The 156 deaths registered in Dublin during the week under notice showed a decline of 6 from the number in the preceding week, and included 20 which were referred to the principal zymotic diseases, against 9 and 11 in the two preceding weeks; of these, 7 resulted from diarrhoea, 4 from whooping-cough, 3 from measles, 3 from diphtheria, 2 from scarlet fever, and 1 from "fever." These 20 deaths were equal to an annual rate of 3'0 per 1000, the zymotic death-rate during the same period being 4 6 in London and 2'8 in Edinburgh. The 7 fatal cases of diarrhœa,
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(00)31452-0 fatcat:lni7ul3sgzaslg3xeqwhhhsioy