A Semi-Simulated RSS Fingerprint Construction for Indoor Wi-Fi Positioning

Yuan Yang, Peng Dai, Haoqian Huang, Manyi Wang, Yujin Kuang
2020 Electronics  
Fingerprinting-based Wi-Fi positioning has increased in popularity due to its existing infrastructure and wide coverage. However, in the offline phase of fingerprinting positioning, the construction and maintenance of a Received Signal Strength (RSS) fingerprint database yield high labor. Moreover, the sparsity and stability of RSS fingerprinting datasets can be the most dominant error sources. This work proposes a minimally Semi-simulated RSS Fingerprinting (SS-RSS) method to generate and
more » ... o generate and maintain dense fingerprints from real spatially coarse RSS acquisitions. This work simulates dense fingerprints exploring the cosine similarity of the directions to Wi-Fi access points (APs), rather than only using either a log-distance path-loss model, a quadratic polynomial fitting, or a spatial interpolation method. Real-world experiment results indicate that the semi-simulated method performs better than the coarse fingerprints and close to the real dense fingerprints. Particularly, the model of RSS measurements, the ratio of the simulated fingerprints to all fingerprints, and a two dimensions (2D) spatial distribution have been analyzed. The average positioning accuracy achieves up to 1.01 m with 66.6% of the semi-simulation ratio. The SS-RSS method offers a solution for coarse fingerprint-based positioning to perform a fine resolution without a time-consuming site-survey.
doi:10.3390/electronics9101568 fatcat:5brxsoxp4rcj7eds4yogomygua