Factors and Mechanisms of Formation of Physiological Risks

Berezina Svitlana B.
2018 Problemi Ekonomiki  
The subject of the article is social risks of physiological nature. The problem of social risks lies in the fact that under conditions of rapid global changes and social transformations, issues of managing social risks, especially those of physiological nature, which affect the quality of life of individuals, the population, and society, are becoming more urgent. Physiological risks are characterized by a high probability of losses, efforts of the whole society are directed at overcoming them,
more » ... nd their minimization is possible under conditions of realizing the social responsibility of all members of the society. The aim of the article is to determine the prerequisites for, factors, and mechanisms of emergence of physiological risks. To achieve the aim, the methods of theoretical research, namely theoretical generalization, systems and statistical analysis, are used. The article defines a system of factors based on the classification of their objective and subjective characteristics with the identification of factors that increase the probability of occurrence of these risks. The objective factors include demographic (age, sex) and physiological (genetic disposition, health, congenital anomalies, acquired dysfunctions) ones. Subjective factors include environmental factors (level, conditions, lifestyle, environmental conditions, working conditions, socio-economic characteristics of an individual). It is noted that physiological risks are a problem not only of an individual concerned but of the whole society as well. The society must be directly involved in its solving, because an individual is not always able to overcome his/her physiological problem. And the first stage here is to determine the factors of emergence of physiological risks and mechanisms of their influence on such risks, which will allow to use a fundamental approach to the problem of managing social risks, create an effective system of methods aimed at preventing them, reducing the probability of their emergence, and mitigating negative consequen [...]
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