From Their Bread to Their Bed: Commensality, Intermarriage, and Idolatry in Tannaitic Literature

Jordan D. Rosenblum
2010 Journal of Jewish Studies  
In the tannaitic corpus, a novel innovation appears: sharing bread is understood to lead to sharing a bed. As such, the Tannaim problematise and marginalise commensal interactions between Jews and non-Jews. In several instances, commensality with non-Jews is equated with idolatry, the binary opposite of Jewishness in rabbinic literature. While this connection is absent from Hebrew Bible texts and, at best, inchoate in a handful of Second Temple period sources, it is explicit in later amoraic
more » ... in later amoraic literature. This article explores the gap between these corpora: tannaitic literature, in which we first encounter the rabbinic connection between bread and bed.
doi:10.18647/2919/jjs-2010 fatcat:6kehw6xba5fmrpjlfsdnr47jre