Design of Centralized Heating Monitoring System Based on Wireless Sensor Networks

Xiangting Jiang, Yaojun Lv, Haoran Yan
2022 Journal of Sensors  
Current centralized heating monitoring system has realized the collection and control of working condition data in heating power stations, but there are still some shortcomings, such as the inability to collect data on the working conditions of user sides, and the inability to meet the further demand of heating enterprises for the refinement of heating network monitoring data. A wireless sensor network is a fully distributed sensor system with no central node, which can intensively deploy many
more » ... ensor nodes to monitoring area through random placement, and integrates sensors, data processing and communication modules to form a self-organized network system. Therefore, in order to realize the intelligence of heating system and improve the flexibility of node data collection, the monitoring system can use wireless sensor network technology to realize wireless collection of node data, and display the collected data on a man-machine interface in real time. On the basis of research results from previous scholars, this paper expounds the research status and significance of centralized heating monitoring system design, elaborates the development background, current status and future challenges of wireless sensor network technology, introduces the methods and principles of wireless network communication protocol and heating and heat balance flow analysis, proposes a structural model of a centralized heating monitoring system based on wireless sensor networks, carries out the design of perception and convergence nodes, analyzes the layout of wireless sensor networks, explores the design scheme of centralized heating monitoring system based on wireless sensor networks, conducts the hardware and software design of the monitoring system, implements the software testing and hardware debugging of the centralized heating monitoring system, and finally discusses the relationship between data transfer related tasks and task scheduling. The study results show that the application of the centralized heating monitoring system based on [...]
doi:10.1155/2022/1308615 doaj:bf1c52d4198b400f947d5fd6042506ef fatcat:oi7cyvgkqjbh7dt57w2zltzzz4