Multivariable algorithm for dynamic channel selection in cognitive radio networks

Cesar Hernandez, C. Salgado, H. López, E. Rodriguez-Colina
2015 EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking  
The spectral handoff is important in cognitive wireless networks to ensure an adequate quality of service and performance for secondary user communications. This work presents a multivariable algorithm for dynamic channel selection used in cognitive wireless networks. The channel selection is based on the fuzzy analytical hierarchical process (FAHP) method. The selected criteria for choosing the best backup channel are probability of channel availability, estimated channel time availability,
more » ... nal to noise plus interference ratio, and bandwidth. These criteria are determined by means of a customized Delphi Method and using the FAHP technique; the corresponding weight and significance is calculated for two applications classified as best effort (BE) and real time (RT). The insertion of the fuzzy logic in the AHP algorithm allows better handling of inaccurate information because, as shown the results, consider more options to evaluate in contrast to a conventional AHP. As a difference with related work, the performance of our proposed FAHP method was validated with captured data in experiments realized at the GSM frequency band (824-849 MHz). This is due to the challenge of finding white spaces to communicate in this frequency band. This band represents more disputes in accessing spectral opportunities than other radio frequency (RF) bands because of the high demand for mobile phone communications. The proposed FAHP algorithm has a practical computational complexity and provides an effective frequency-channel selection. This proposed FAHP algorithm presents a new methodology to select and classify the variables based on a modified version of the Delphi method. The results of the proposed method were contrasted numerically with other three methods.
doi:10.1186/s13638-015-0445-8 fatcat:ltp22puf2vhuphwhi2vdyo5o7i