Graph Transactions as Processes [chapter]

Paolo Baldan, Andrea Corradini, Luciana Foss, Fabio Gadducci
2006 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Transactional graph transformation systems (t-gtss) have been recently proposed as a mild extension of the standard dpo approach to graph transformation, equipping it with a suitable notion of atomic execution for computations. A typing mechanism induces a distinction between stable and unstable items, and a transaction is defined as a shift-equivalence class of computations such that the starting and ending states are stable and all the intermediate states are unstable. The paper introduces an
more » ... equivalent, yet more manageable definition of transaction based on graph processes. This presentation is used to provide a universal characterisation for the class of transactions of a given t-gts. More specifically, we show that the functor mapping a t-gts to a graph transformation system having as productions exactly the transactions of the original t-gts is the right adjoint to an inclusion functor.
doi:10.1007/11841883_15 fatcat:odlty7obvvbhffkokjm6rj7mlm