XML Schema for Implementing Safety Management System in Shipbuilding

Youhee Choi, Byungtae Jang
With a rising demand for developing deep sea resources recently, that for offshore plant construction are getting greater. Accordingly, plant owners request more for a safety management system in the process of offshore plant building. Thus, it is required that a safety management system is built for each shipyard or offshore plant building project. In order to develop a safety management system, it is important that risk factors in each task should be properly identified. Most information with
more » ... respect to work processes or risk factors can be commonly applicable. But, most of the safety management system is developed upon an assumption that such information is implicitly inherent within the system. In this respect, to ensure that the key information, such as task and hazard information for building safety management system is not inherent within the system, we defined XML (eXtensible Markup Language) Schema to ensure that such information can be expressed in standardized-format XML. By doing so, even if risk and work process contents change, XML files can be used after redefined-without changing safety management logic of a relevant system.