International Political Economy of (One Belt - One Road) Initiative, Introducing a New Chinese Vision of Globalization

2020 International Journal of History and Cultural Studies  
This academic article reviews the Economic Belt Initiative and the New Silk Road, and discusses this, according to the Chinese vision and the human and moral content of the initiative, in addition, the paper discusses the conceptual and philosophical theory of China's thesis and its vision of a fair globalization, taking into account the mutual benefit and cooperation between peoples for the development of all, so that Everyone becomes a winner and there is no loser. Definition of Main Concepts
more » ... : Globalization: Globalization is an aspiration and an economic, political, technological, cultural and educational approach that has led to the disappearance of borders between countries in the world and the opening of communication between nations, Silk Road: The new Silk Road aims at reviving and developing the historic Silk Road through the construction of natural gas and oil pipelines, the construction of networks of roads and railways, the laying of electric power lines and the Internet. The new Silk Road consists of a road and a sea road. Indeed, despite all the difficulties that globalization has done in its Western version and its virtual culture, many Asian peoples have known how to make great achievements since the end of the Cold War. China is at the forefront of summarizing the harvest of all these efforts in a comprehensive view of a huge project that combines the achievements of Western and Asian cultures with the aim of recorrecting the globalization process and making it more equitable and consistent with the humanitarian goals of economic development, not for wishes but for the fact that, the economy means employing the goods of the earth and its interior to meet humanity's needs, that the basic of food, housing, clothing, services and even the communities welfare. The Silk Road initiative is without hesitation a full-fat recipe for a new vision of globalization and its Chinese-style coordinates, as China wants, highlighted by unprecedented financial capacity to support communication between Europe, Asia and Africa, in order to maintain, support or even establish infrastructure and increase trade and finance. The Silk Road Fund supplied estimated billions of US dollars on it.
doi:10.20431/2454-7654.0604002 fatcat:mymcyqoearbfxk6b7pmxsprl34