Bio-inspired facile fabrication of silver nanoparticles from in vitro grown shoots of Tamarix nilotica: explication of its potential in impeding growth and biofilms of Listeria monocytogenes and assessment of wound healing ability

Nasser A. Al-Shabib, Fohad Mabood Husain, Mohammad Nadeem, Mohd Shahnawaz Khan, Fahad Al-Qurainy, Abdullah A. Alyousef, Mohammed Arshad, Altaf Khan, Javed Masood Khan, Pravej Alam, Thamer Albalawi, Syed Ali Shahzad
2020 RSC Advances  
Novel, safe, and effective antilisterial agents are required in order to prevent Listeria monocytogenes infections and maintain food safety.
doi:10.1039/d0ra04587j fatcat:rkzn6yxaqjbtldmtzaoaij5ide