Prototype cluster processor module for the ATLAS level-1 calorimeter trigger [article]

S Hellman, E E Kluge, G Anagnostou, R Achenbach, R J Staley, K Meier, V J O Perera, I P Brawn, B M Barnett, K Schmitt, K Mahboubi, B Bauss (+27 others)
The Level-1 Calorimeter Trigger consists o f a Preprocessor, a Cluster Processor (CP), and a Jet/Energy -sum Processor (JEP). The CP and JEP receive digitised triggertower data from the Preprocessor and produce trigger multiplicity and region-of-interest (RoI) information. The CP Modules (CPM) are designed to find isolated electron/photon and hadron/tau clusters in overlapping windows of trigger towers. Each pipelined CPM processes a total of 280 trigger towers of 8 -bit length at a clock speed
more » ... of 40 MHz. This huge I/O rate is achieved by serialising and multiplexing the input data. Large FPGA devices have been used to retrieve data and perform the cluster-finding algorithm. A full-specification prototype module has been built and tested, and first results will be presented.
doi:10.5170/cern-2002-003.256 fatcat:ijuq5wn7ijdkndbqdz5ua726ia