Go to Bed and You Might Feel Better in the Morning—the Effect of Sleep on Affective Tone and Intrusiveness of Emotional Memories

Per Davidson, Edward Pace-Schott
2021 Current Sleep Medicine Reports  
Purpose of Review It is important to examine what effect sleep has after an emotional experience. More knowledge about this topic could help inform us whether there are any potential sleep interventions that could help make sure that memories of negative emotional experiences are processed in the most adaptive manner possible. Recent Findings Findings on the role of sleep in altering reactivity to emotional stimuli have been highly varied, with significant findings in opposite directions. A new
more » ... exciting development in the field is several studies finding that sleep seems to make memories of negative experiences less intrusive. Summary This review has mainly aimed to give an overview of the field, and of which issues need to be resolved. We argue for there being a strong need for standardization of how data are analyzed and presented, as well as for better methods for determining to what extent the effects of sleep are specific for a particular memory, or represent general changes in emotional reactivity.
doi:10.1007/s40675-020-00200-z fatcat:jy752qxdsjgorkdxpafvxuwgse