Simulation of the long-term accumulation of radiocontaminants in crop plants [report]

R.G. Schreckhise
1980 unpublished
This repan war ~r e p r c d as an account d work ~p n~r e d by the Unit4 krtn Govtrnmnt. Nrirhrr the United 5 u l a rmr the B p r t m c n t ol Energy, nor any of their employm, nor any ol t&r contractors, ~ubcontranors, or their employees, r m k~ any warrrnly, crpm5 or Impti&, or ruumcr any kgat IiaMIity w tnponsibiliry tor the accuracy, completene~ or udulness of any information, apparatus, p r d~ w p r o m s d i u l d , or r e p r n t n h that trs use would not infringe privately owned
more » ... Tht views, opinions a d conclusions conoined in this report arc t h w of !he contractor and do mrt m x u u r i l y repment those of the United Yattr Governmtnl or the United Starcs Dcprflmmi d Energy. PACIFIC NORTHWEST LABORATORY operated by BATlEtLE for the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY Under Conrraa E Y-76-C-W-1830 Ptrnled in the United Stale d A m t t i t l (ONWI) for their suggestions and comments during this study; to the typist, Karen Tallent; and t o the editor, Linda Ki ng, for her persi stance and perserverance. Appreciation i s a1 so expressed to
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