Метакогнитивная репрезентация концептуальной области "кажимости" (на материале семантики глагольных предикатов "казаться", "показаться")

Елена Чернцова
2019 Studia Rossica Posnaniensia  
The article analyzes the correlation between the cognitive semantics of the words казаться, показаться and the ordinary/fictional narrative strategy, embodied in a context of a particular type. The cognitive semantics of the words is identified within such parameters as a 'discourse context type', 'narrative strategy', as well as the 'communicative register' -either 'reproductive' or 'informative'. The paper considers a gestalt scenario, according to which different contexts with the words
more » ... ься, показаться are built up. The author demonstrates the integrity of the gestalt and also describes focus shifts which underlie the construction of different contexts -'background' and 'figure'. Keywords: cognitive semantics, gestalt, background, figure, the communicative register, the ordinary narrative strategy, the fictional narrative strategy Елена Чернцова, Харьковский национальный университет имени В. Н. Каразина,
doi:10.14746/strp.2019.44.1.26 fatcat:ioprgyx445e5ldgfwwnlrnubbq