Study on FePt Granular Film for Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR) Media with Ultra-High Density

锦婉 韩
2016 Material Sciences  
Magnetron sputtering was applied to grow FePt granular film on a silicon substrate. A MgO interlayer was in-between the film and substrate to induce the L1 0 structure in the FePt alloy film with fct texture. The carbon addition helps reduce the grain size of the film. XRD, SQUID and TEM were applied to measure its structure, magnetic properties, and microstructures, respectively. Results show that the film has excellent L1 0 order, and the squareness of MH loop is close to unity, with a high
more » ... nity, with a high perpendicular coercivity of 26 kOe. The microstructure shows that it has small grain size of 8.3 nm with uniform distribution. High-resolution TEM image shows extremely excellent superlattice structure in the L1 0 phase. This film is expected to be a promising candidate for ultra-high density magnetic recording in the future.
doi:10.12677/ms.2016.64032 fatcat:6m3nzwhbibfnfcehc2kmv7m54m