Effective Conditioning Program for Junior Tennis Players

Khurana Sonal
2018 Journal of Physical Fitness, Medicine & Treatment in Sports  
Speed, agility and quickness are some of the most significant & visible components of athletic success. An improvement in the ability to react quickly and to redirect that force if needed is the ultimate goal of a program to improve speed, agility and quickness. Purpose and Significance: The purpose of the study was to examine the effect of 4week SAQ protocol on agility and aerobic capacity in junior tennis players. Methodology: Research was carried out on a sample of fifty healthy tennis
more » ... s from the sports complexes (aged: 14.2±0.9; height: 160.6±6.2cm; weight: 57.3±5kgs). The players were randomly divided into training group and control group. The training group received four weeks of speed, agility and quickness protocol three days per week and the control group performed their regular training under the direct supervision of the therapist. The pre and post testing for the agility (t-test) and aerobic capacity (cooper test) was done at 0 week and after 4 weeks. Result: The pre-test readings of t-test {training group (11.246±1.09) and control group (10.933±1.093)} and post-test readings were {training group (10.1712±0.93) and control group (10.6848±0.85)} which concluded a significant improvement (0.05). Similarly, with aerobic capacity, training group (24.3152±6.7 vs 30.1176±8.1) and control group (22.9±6.54 vs 23.7±6.6). Conclusion: The study concluded that SAQ protocol can improve both the agility and aerobic capacity in tennis players. Intensity of tennis match play. Br J Sports Med 40(5): 387-391. Fernandez Fernandez (2009) A comparison of the activity profile and physiological demands between advanced and recreational veteran tennis players. J Strength Cond Res 23(2): 1-7. 30. Carl D Paton (2004) Effects of high intensity training on performance and physiology of endurance athletes. Sports Science 8: 25-40.
doi:10.19080/jpfmts.2018.04.555629 fatcat:tygfnyyqrjamfikf2rljsphgxi