Źródła informacji w aspekcie kształcenia geograficznego (wyniki badań w szkołach podstawowych) [unknown]

Paulina Szmielińska-Pietraszek
The main source of information about geographical space is it by itself. However indirect sources of information can be called "from the second hand". The junior students benefit from information about geographical space which exists, for example, in textbooks, atlases, the Internet, television and others. In this article author makes an attempt to assess the level of usage of these sources of information by pupils, as well as to prepare for the lesson or to round out the knowledge and in
more » ... wledge and in particular to acquire the knowledge which exceeds the school program (these are the recent news from the world and Poland or the information which are the subject of interest among students). It seems to be of great significance in the context of implementation on the very first levels of school education to develop right habits and to create right attitudes. Self-education becomes the necessity of life for all people, because current living conditions of societies as well as labour market demand it. The implementation to self-education should not proceed too impetuous and demands the usage of appropriate forms and methods which assure pupils of the right comprehension of this activity and allow to create suitable educational skills. In the article author presented results of a research which concerns the sources of acquiring geographical knowledge by pupils from sixth classes of primary schools. Special analyse was dedicated to the Internet, which is the main tool pointed out by the students to gain some additional information (very often the only one) when learning nature sciences. The research, which was carried out, showed that students' engagement in using the sources of information which passes through latest news from Poland and the rest of the world is relatively small. It proves that there is a lack of interest in social field, politics, cultural cases and even sport events. The results presented might be somehow a demonstration of weaknesses of education (not only geographical), which probably have been arising still f [...]
doi:10.34858/spg.9.2012.011 fatcat:geso75sguvevdcv6pmjlaopawa