Analyses on the production of scientific publications in Japanese universities using long-term input and output data

IGAMI Masatsura, KANDA Yumiko, MURAKAMI Akiyoshi
This study aims to clarify the factors behind the stagnation in the number of scientific publications produced by Japan. To do so, we have compiled long -term macro data on the number of scientific publications, researchers, and R&D expenditures in Japanese universities since the 1980s. Based on these data, we conducted multiple regression analysis and factorial analysis, including the periods when the number of Japanese scientific publications increased in the past. As a result, it was found
more » ... at the stagna tion of the number of scientific publications in Japan since the mid-2000s was caused by a combination of the following factors: (1) a decrease in the number of faculty members taking into account the time allocated to research (mid-2000s to around 2010); (2) a decrease in the number of doctoral course students (after around 2010); and (3) a decrease in expenses directly related to research implementation, such as raw material costs (after around 2010).
doi:10.15108/dp180 fatcat:wlr4vmxovve3dfhigdbih7cpya