Calorific Content of Certain Bacteria and Fungi

G. J. Prochazka, W. J. Payne, W. R. Mayberry
1970 Journal of Bacteriology  
Calorific contents of dried cells of several representative species of bacteria (gramnegative rods and gram-positive rods and cocci), two species of yeasts, and a filamentous fungus were determined by bomb calorimetry. The grand mean was 5,383 cal per g of ash-free dry weight. This value was then used to determine quantity of energy assimilated (E.) during growth. Subsequently, E. was employed in the equation: Ykcal = Y/(Es + Ed), where Ykcal is the yield of cells per kilocalorie of energy
more » ... from a culture medium, Y is the yield per mole of substrate utilized, E. is Y times caloric content of the cells, and Ed is the energy expended by oxidative
doi:10.1128/jb.104.2.646-649.1970 fatcat:eedkoj745zfbxgwo5sxr2nlf3u