The effect of the donor moiety of DPP based polymers on the performance of organic electrochemical transistors

Yazhou Wang, Amer Hamidi-Sakr, Jokubas Surgailis, Yecheng Zhou, Hailiang Liao, Junxin Chen, Genming Zhu, Zhengke Li, Sahika Inal, Wan Yue
2021 Journal of Materials Chemistry C  
Two D–A type polymers based on the gTDPP as the acceptor and gTVT and gTBTT as the donor have been developed. The donor unit affects the backbone curvature and the aggregation properties of the mixed conductors, regulating their performance in OECTs.
doi:10.1039/d1tc02994k fatcat:et5ebw4jandyrlq4pmybhvjdni