Temperature Impact on the Hydrothermal Depolymerization of Cunninghamia lanceolata Enzymatic/Mild Acidolysis Lignin in Subcritical Water

Yuan-Yuan Zhao, Xiao-Hong Li, Shu-Bin Wu, You-Ming Li
2015 BioResources  
In the present work, enzymatic/mild acidolysis lignin (EMAL) was isolated from the raw material Cunninghamia lanceolata, and hydrothermal depolymerization was carried out in subcritical water (from 250 to 350 °C) using a cylindrical autoclave. The results revealed that the lowest yield of solid residue and highest liquid product yield were achieved at 325 °C. The liquid products were primarily composed of phenolic monomers and oligomers. As the reaction temperature increased, repolymerization
more » ... repolymerization of the liquid products and dehydrogenation and deoxidation of the solid residues occurred. The high heating value (HHV) of the residues was larger than that of the EMAL, and it reached a maximal level at 275 °C. Hydrothermal depolymerization and condensation reactions took place simultaneously even under mild conditions (250 °C). Carbonization of the EMAL was remarkable when the reaction temperature reached 325 °C.
doi:10.15376/biores.11.1.21-32 fatcat:zekfxyilv5hxrjatoq3g33ciey