The effect of Colocynthis citrullus (Cucurbitaceae) seeds on body weight and haematological parameters in albino rats

AA Ambi, EM Abdurrahman, MI Sule, UU Pateh, NDG Ibrahim
2010 Nigerian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research  
This work was designed to evaluate the effects of dried powdered seeds of Colocynthis citrullus (Cucurbitaceae) fed to albino rats on haematological parameters (PCV, Hb, RBC, WBC and Differentials) and weight changes using 12 rats. The rats were separated into 4 groups of 3 rats per group. Animals in group A were fed with the amended diet containing 25%(w/w) Colocynthis citrullus seed powder, group B 50%(w/w) and group C 75%(w/w) for a total of 13 weeks. Group D served as control and fed with
more » ... andard diets (Feed Master Grower Mash) alone. Blood samples of the animals were collected, from which red blood cell count and white blood cell/differential counts were carried out. At the end of the experiment, it was observed that the faeces of rats fed with 75% formulated diets were loose and the animals showed weight decreases compared with those fed with standard diet. Statistical analysis using analysis of variance (ANOVA) single factor and Dunnett's multiple comparison tests on the haematological data obtained in rats fed with different concentrations of amended diets that contained Colocynthis citrullus powdered seeds showed that there was no significant difference (P<0.05) in parked cell volume (PCV), haemoglobin, red blood cell (RBC) and in differential leucocyte counts when compared with the control. It is suggested that chronic consumption of Colocynthis citrullus dried powdered seeds at 75% (w/w) could affect growth.
doi:10.4314/njpr.v5i1.53561 fatcat:v752z5xvtvgpxbxhi56r5v6zzm