Interactive Comment on "CASCADE – The Circum-Arctic Sediment CArbon DatabasE" by Martens et al. (essd-2020-401) [peer_review]

Gerrit Müller
2021 unpublished
General Comment The authors generated a comprehensible, freely accessible dataset on organic carbon concentration, its isotopic composition, nitrogen concentration and terrigenous biomarkers in circum-Arctic marine sediments. This is an original and useful compilation, as it makes data published in different sources easily accessible, previously unpublished data available and even complements existing data with gap-filling measurements and spatial interpolation using GIS. Such data is needed
more » ... integrative and large-scale assessment of biogeochemical cycles, especially in regions as sensitive to changing climate as the Arctic. First insights are deduced and visualized, identifying C1 ESSDD Interactive comment Printer-friendly version Discussion paper spatial variation in organic carbon concentration and sources, which gives the reader an impression of how to use and interpret this data. The provided dataset is well organized, curated, (re)traceable and citable via DOI, despite a few apparent transcription errors (which are common in these types of manual compilations) and minor comments on comprehensibility (see Dataset comments). The paper itself describes data derivation and classification in a reasonable way and with sufficient detail, although (apart from minor comments) the reader-friendliness of the structure, consistency and conciseness could be improved. Specific Comments Abstract The Abstract includes all relevant information, but could be more concise. For instance, the beginning (L.30 -34) can be reformulated more concise and your interpretation presented in L. 46 -50 may be explained more briefly. Possibly, try to avoid too many adjectives/adverbs and embedded subordinate clauses.
doi:10.5194/essd-2020-401-rc1 fatcat:gxx4seggtbb5zk5fsj2wxhb77i