Monte Carlo Renormalization of the 3D Ising Model: Analyticity and Convergence

H. W. J. Blöte, J. R. Heringa, A. Hoogland, E. W. Meyer, T. S. Smit
1996 Physical Review Letters  
We review the assumptions on which the Monte Carlo renormalization technique is based, in particular the analyticity of the block spin transformations. On this basis, we select an optimized Kadanoff blocking rule in combination with the simulation of a d=3 Ising model with reduced corrections to scaling. This is achieved by including interactions with second and third neighbors. As a consequence of the improved analyticity properties, this Monte Carlo renormalization method yields a fast
more » ... ence and a high accuracy. The results for the critical exponents are y_H=2.481(1) and y_T=1.585(3).
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.76.2613 pmid:10060745 fatcat:wnramtk3lbezlk6lthujnvlpsa