Between Green's functions and transport equations: reconstruction theorems and the role of initial conditions

B Velický, A Kalvová, and V Spicka
2006 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
Construction of the electron quantum transport equations from Non-Equilibrium Green's Functions is presently based on Reconstruction Theorems, reducing full description of a non-equilibrium system to a dynamic theory in terms of one-particle quantities. This approach, stemming from the original Kadanoff-Baym Ansatz, and based on a suitably renormalized NGF formalism, can be brought to a close parallel with the Time Dependent Density Functional Theory. This concerns, in particular, the role of
more » ... rrelations at a finite initial time. A universal treatment of these initial conditions is possible for the switch-on states, while more general initial states have so far to be treated individually.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/35/1/001 fatcat:pu3rjuuqyfgkhaqebdit2kiq5m