Robust Hybrid Control Using Recurrent Wavelet- Neural-Network Sliding-Mode Controller for Two- Axis Motion Control System

Fayez F. M. El-Sousy
2021 International journal of neural networks and advanced applications  
In this paper, a robust hybrid control system (RHCS) for achieving high precision motion tracking performance of a two-axis motion control system is proposed. The proposed AHCS incorporating a recurrent wavelet-neuralnetwork controller (RWNNC) and a sliding-mode controller (SMC) to construct a RRWNNSMC. The two-axis motion control system is an x-y table of a computer numerical control machine that is driven by two field-oriented controlled permanent-magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs) servo
more » ... . The RWNNC is used as the main motion tracking controller to mimic a perfect computed torque control law and the SMC controller is designed with adaptive bound estimation algorithm to compensate for the approximation error between the RWNNC and the ideal controller. The on-line learning algorithms of the connective weights, translations and dilations of the RWNNC are derived using Lyapunov stability analysis. A computer simulation and an experimental are developed to validate the effectiveness of the proposed RHCS. All control algorithms are implemented in a TMS320C31 DSP-based control computer. The simulation and experimental results using star and four leaves contours are provided to show the effectiveness of the RHCS. The motion tracking performance is significantly improved using the proposed RHCS and robustness to parameter variations, external disturbances, cross-coupled interference and frictional torque can be obtained as well for the two-axis motion control system.
doi:10.46300/91016.2021.8.6 fatcat:yhviu75f6zb5zgfx2ojvixvbve