D2.1 CitySCAPE Use cases [article]

Andrew Roberts, Raivo Sell, Liivar Luts, Kosta Maliatsos
2022 Zenodo  
Deliverable 2.1 details the multimodal transportation ecosystem use-cases defined by the cities of Genoa, Italy and Tallinn, Estonia. The major concepts of multimodal transport covered in the use-case definition include: - Mobility-As-A-Service - Adaptive Traffic Control - Infomobility - Electronic and mobile ticketing These use-cases, whilst diverse, demonstrate a variety of multimodal transport scenarios which focus on the interaction of the passenger with the transportation platforms and
more » ... orting system assets. They present realistic scenarios which the cities have selected for their importance for protection against cyber threats. The transportation modes included in the use-cases are: - Bus - Tram - Trolley - Trains - Autonomous vehicle shuttle. These modes exhibit both conventional city transportation and new innovative platforms such as autonomous vehicle public transportation. An initial cyber threat scenario analysis has been provided, which will be updated from the results of risk modelling and vulnerability-threat analysis, the adopted system architecture, the pilot design and objectives, the types and methods of attack that may be demonstrated. Goals for the CitySCAPE solution were identified as: 1. Improve confidence in efficient handling of 0-day and denial-ofservice attacks. 2. Minimise security risks introduced by (less-security aware) external service providers. 3. Improve fraud protection. 4. Minimise risks to personal privacy related to fraud prevention and new ticketing services
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6865911 fatcat:qjw4iintizdyncdbivzme67xby