Maryland Gazette July 1830

(:Unkn) Unknown
PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY JOXAS GREEN. .. PRICE THREB DOLI.AHB PER AWKUM, ie Eut*rpni I. .»•-,. ,urE«8 SUNNY SPOTS. * ' BT WILLIAM LftdOtVrf. Though life's a ilark and thorny path, 111 goal the alien! tomb, "H> It yet wine apole of mnehine hath, Q 1 -, ,*-,. Thu amtle ambUt the gloom| . "" .' Thr friend «ho veal ami woo parfakH, ' ~ ' Unchanired wht'Vr our lot, AVho kindly aoolhei ihe heart that t*hea-1 i lure tunny epot , '«, The wife, who half our hnrdan bats, o .. Anil ultem not a mnxni .
more » ... ready hand wfpei ofTour tMTe, Unheeded nil her own. Who Ireaauret every kindly word, '•• '. •• F.\ch harsher one f«rg»i, > . And enroll lightly at a bird She'* too a tunny ipol. The child wlin lifli at morn ami ere, In prayere lie tiny »olre t Who crieree whene'er II* parent)gtiere, Ami jojr« when they rejolcet lo «lintr bright eye young gmiut glowa, Whnfe heart, without a blot, It fre«h and pnre a* aummer'e rot* That eblld't a sunny ipol. Th?re'e yet upon life'a weary road. One »pot of brighter glow. Where aorrow half fora-e I* Ht toad, And Kara no tonjrrr Aneri Our child diihonour ITIoij Iln> >ii1lnndimm'd that epol will thine j llcligion lighle thai (pot. from Sir Waller StolPi new work, 8ONO. When friendt are nr-t o'er merry cheer, And lovely eye* air laughing near, An>l in Ihe goldel'i boaom cleir, The earei of diy ere drown'di Whrn punt ire made, and hnmpen qilalTd, Ami wild wit ibnolf hie roving «luM, And nlnh.hU Jnvial laugh hu laughed, Then le our banqual crawn'd, Ah gay. Then ia our banquet crown'd. When glee* are tung, ami catchra troll'd, Ami bjilifulncM grove briplit ami bolJ, ' Anil Ketuly ii no Inn^er cold, Aml«a-e nerlongrr dulli Whrn chime* are brief, and cockl «lo now, To tell ui it ia lime to no, Yel how to part we do not know, Then ia our feast at full. , .-I .•<* ' keetay,-or the Slack Pipe, took offence at 'Urn for having refused to s;ive him as much Then ii our fea«t at (ViflM.,oee-o frum tttc Tale* of Iht ft'arlh Iftft. CHAllLES HESS. The Indians arc nnt tho oiily persons who excite interest in Iho northwest Among the many rude adventurers drawn into thai country by lovenfexctlemcnlandimpalicnce of reitraint, there are some possessed of qualities iliat in other situations would command respect, and porhtp* admiration. LJut those qralitica arc lost to the world. It has often been observed, that .men most exposed lo hardship*, danger and privation, by the nature of thrir employment*, a,*, for example, foldiers tnd sailors, are more attached to their occupations than Ihose ol more tranquil habits. No whweMs this more forcibly c«cmplified than by Iho persons sctlvely engaged in lit* Indian trade. Opcr fairly dratvn in, they are seldom known lo leave it. A fery short reaidence among the aborigines learns them to despise the refinement and artificial wants of civilised society, and spurn Iht restraints legally and conventionally c*labliihed to binn men to each other. Tho wild, independent habit* of tho wlldemeje are at first pleating from novelty and soon become riveted by custom. An Indian wife aod a family of half breed children complete the change; snd when they have thus encumbered themselves, they may be considered chained to their occupation for lt(t. Charles Hess, ttfa^RfnVct of thi* sketch, remarks. With a^gJMii ofmind and bo-> ort of the Indian's weapon, and felt his side grsz-CoVby a bullet. Ue turned and saw that Mokkcelay had taken to his heels u soon as he fired. A ball from the white man's eon orerik him and ho fell. The weapon levelled for the destruction of Hess had bocn charged with two bullets, ami thia contrivance to make cure of him saved his life. The balls had diverged; one grazed his right side, and the other cut his belt in two on his left. Ho returned in a few dar* to his house. Two or »hr«o evenings after hi* return, « cousin of tho deceased by name Squibve, or tho Drunkard, entered hia apartment with his gun in his hand and hi* face painlcd black (3) Ho seated himself boforo the firo without saying n word. Hess MW that hf> was bent on ini'chirf, and thought it bout to temporize. He offered the drunkard « pipe, which was refused. Ho then set before him a wooden platter of boiled vension but he would not time it. He npoke several times to the savage, but received no answer. Sqtiihce sat Milieu and immorcable, his eye? steadfastly fined nt. the biasing loga belorc him. At intervals his even turned in their sockets, though bin head did not mdve, and 'he cast furtive and scowling glances around. The engage's belonging to the csiablifthment who were inurh allarhcil In their prineipsl, looked in, but when ttiry nw the expression of th" Indian's feature', they shrunk back and loaded their guns. After a silence of half an hour Hess determined to bring mattcmloan issue 'Nilclic.' (i. c. fricml) said he,' what makes your heart sorrowful, and what do you seek in my house.' 'y brothcrOpawgnn Mukkcclay isdcail," roplicd the savago. '.My eye* are dry, and I want something to make the lean come in them.' IIcxs went into his store house and drew a glass of »pirits, which hegnve to the Indisn. The l.iitcr hold it up between hi* eye* and the liglit, and then threw it into tho fire. It lilaz«ii alinve (he chimney, Why did you not drink ilf' said Hcsa. It is* nil good; it i* no better than water,' replied tho other. ,'It burned a* if it was. good,' said Hess, stilf Jeiiruiiatn conciliate him. 'I thought il was strong enough I will gel some more.' And ho ivenl out lo do so. Squibee was evidently Working himself to the pilch of resolution for some desperate action. He began lo examine his gun, and to look uneasily about him. At one mamcni ha seemed lo relent. He wipnd the smut from one side-of hia fnre with the "Corner of his blanket; but one of the Canadiana happening to look in, he turned awav hia head. The instant tho man withdrew he scraped some SXHJI from the chimney hark with his fingers, spat upon It, and renewed the colour of his via-igo with t)ti mixture. He had scarcely finished when Hess re-appeared. ,"' • -. -•-r ; V'!. ' v A FOUTUNATB DISCOVEB?1 . * Aa a young girl, employed aa a cutter of raga at the Whitehall pap«f works, Cnapden-le-Prith, wa» about to put under the opacatiori an old pair of brexehea or trowaera that Had corno to the factory in the old rag package,she bethought herself of examining the poQ(et* of (ha same, and> to her aurpriae one of them a small roll of oqe peonrj banknotes, which were immediately carried t» Mr. Iddotton, who Very liberally declined a«ce|iting them, bu4 gne theatrup'to the-KnOair. Take a* equal qoantity of young tender okra, chopped fine, and npe «of m«ii, the t>li«n6« wertalnlr one of tho mwat aingnlaf . . T Sprat bwrli)> upon the waten, thn to Indoad .._ _ ... MU! eigfct, but to * fxtdattan. who t*M it (^ lh««r»< tiwn-, it pmeiit* an appearance »t ^P* Sjivel and strikingly beatitifhl. 1 hit iprelaeUthrn, i< was t»V good forinnr rimptt»hy, awV«?£riH .nd'impvdciit *«! th«~«*fa)*4Mrj>«n,ta*tUtia scandal to our chy. THeastafc wfdoHtM are datty md nightly lost at f awatrss, cart throat.. NOaTwai and varioua earth wtihtn sight ofluatto*, utahe Hand* . "" Ban. The billiard and pool Blavers ma» br| recently lo wilneta. Th« vrwl pamd rapidly along with i prmprimia hrv>r*>, whrnall at once,** I look ed over Itieaide, I b-held teemtngly apark* of fir* ! wiing from the waves, ll»rt« tliatigli few in number »' , enntlnnilly increased ho\h In numbers and brilliancy, oil In fact the whole nonn u fir M (he mo Man of Ihr vr*»el bad any influence seemed < though i< w»a !! on Hrr. Havlnr frequently rrad "ml heard acenunta of thra remirkahU phenomenon, I Immedi-THB BOBBEA TAKBN, d*li ve ths H WSS immwdiaU ately tr-iijeiittirrd what b wa«, asl»eiinty of the night, dmpa of quickailvrr that had '. racapru1 confinement, and were rolling about a* if in-vitm< tome one to atoop awl gather them up, and thtti eluding the seeker* gnap, through mockery of hi* vain atlfrnpt. Wli-n taken from the ocean, and po«r eienca on th«t m«mnr»hle occ&*inn. While the inrirntfatory, *\Vho then i* llltnnerh*%te|l* hat been f miliar rven to o>ir tchoolboya from th^t period tothr p'r»ent (wa have aren estncte from Hr W.'t Knrreh invol>irar*»r*prcimen« inlemled for juvrnilr O-j;«^J we lud for vrar* ln»t *i(rht nf the imli»i«l't. al ihnimenlinne'li *nl'o > n/ e\tr*ct o. a 1 :t r from * genllera*n in Kn|(|and, wbto < appeprcd few week* since iii Hie Kni|u;rrr. It « ill be read with Inerett, we 'li"ibt no«i "In i'ir l*liit-l ol Uurmaey, I fell in wiil^a gentlerritn who >mee n/urrtl in a very public character in Itiehmond, air. UUnnrrha*«rt. He ia *uff. ring Ihr li-l. , --nfold igr, * .-' ^>*hn>« lit* » ife >* «till * fin* wnmtn. and *how« that 7S ycart B'othe wat >iea-.iful. Tn« frieml* lhare who p«« me the ...tnxi'iciion. kn* » e .. --I '.ft-n in \rti--ir4. lafXkfi* « nafhn g df Mie pm>triition Mr*. UUnneraw*twF«trp4 when wr talked u»n Mr tv irt't jirr«li'1 -hcacrmril drarly a 1 laohrd In VVr«lrrti Vir(inia. an.l wo *pent a lrul< pleaMn 1 *firrn»on and evening together ' A* an apnmpri*te arcnmpanimenl lo llrl* acro*>n' of lll*nn*rli*»«ri . wr tnn« a the following ili-*rrinti<>" of the prr*enl con-lihun nf hi*, formrr rom*ntic rrti dence i« thia country, which It will not he forgotten Cantt in likewise fur a altar--of the Ora'or'* nnlicri Tlve beautiful i'liol of Uw (Miin, which aco/iir, rt unfitrtunAl^ relrl.riiv >t one of tb<* fl*«hr* nf poetry wh.ct. brightened ihe dull maw of argument heaped up in "tllrtruil o 1 Ihe mi"'«'« adi-rnturer The ipot hich wa* one* the seat of »leg«nce and liberal ho-piiahly i* t«id In b« wvaku"^ deaultie. 1 ho embeltiahmeni* of art hare r«.rrd, Ihr palace cruntulnl, aeul the onumrni* nf taale wUwared. l>rifi wood encuaabrr* the ground*, and ruinas>*V atrtwrd over th« apot which !.« «i'ire an imigr of an rir'hly nirwliw. r fhe former 'dl hiunti the placet thai knew him in '.he dan of hi* pride and glory, a memorable outimrnt of'blattcd ambition Liar on« that an s lonrtamr road Doth yelk in fear and dread i And having onor turned round, walka on An4 turn* no more hi* Iiet4j ecauae he. know a a frightful nend * I>oth C|O*Q behind Imn tread!. niannerhattet. hl*dupt ami victim, broken In for '"fclne, sn>l yet iworr *xnple1e+y rninrri tn-rcowlatlon, Inealnobaeurliy, a pr»y to diarsac In hi* ol. I age l>.y* tieal on him an-l itral from him Vet ko lire IjOalhing hi* lifr, and dreading atiU to di«l Hi* l*rinc«ly Hci'ulrnce, hi* fiiry I'artrnrr, that at *.lu|ation* or the creaiiona of magtr, arow graceful-K from thai waters of Ihe Ohio, at plctxltd a* beam ful-WlMtfr»rran< turf and plant* aa wiTif as fair, Ae. 91rvtr «lWa«rtl a b»nk oe aeented a«immrr air WHere ar« llieyl And ah* thr luvclicat Sower of all, wb*' I* her v*d In joy till. tlM*uuilcf*amct VRBT I.ATE ANII IMI'OK I AX r FROM COl.OMHIA By th« hrig AtWn'un, Kant r.hapnwn, a' N Vork. the editor* of th* Journal uf rommcrcr have recrivi il nni,*ola paprrt 10 the 20th M\>. I arlllagcna In Ihr Mih, ami letter* to the Jd ol June Thry l'»e alui . copy of the Conilitulion rlop^rd l>y the l'on*li'Ufin Concrt *, and variou* other dncuiriritt* Kutlioo of PrttiJcnl oad fia I'rfiidtnl, onrf aJjmirnmtnl of Conqnit -On Ihr 4m of May, ihe din mltuent Congrc*, of Bo^nl* proceeded to the *rr) important btt«inc*a of electing a l're«i.lmt anil Vice I'rraidtnl. The fir»l ballot, 48 me>nhcn benu pre arm, iraullrd a*fullow*i For Vlr. C»nahtlf*'J6 vutr*i fnr Joaqutn MnMpiera, IT: for Domm^u CNtrrd", 5 Neither canih«hile* having the ni«j>rilj. (iirnlhinU) Congrca* proceeded to a arennd n*l!»'. whirh |;t-r the following rettdtt Jo«q.|in Mo.qu. ra, .7 \ulr«, VI'. Caoabil, 17, and Mr. (:.iccc in t* vour of Jotqitin Mo«q>i--rA. an I 14 for Mr f'*n*b»l. Jo>q'in Minqurra » Ihi -t drolired to be l.gallvelected President of tl.e Kr|iuMir On ihe hr»t b«ll-j: for Vice Prrndrnt, 3J1 vote* were given foe IXimingu (tiirr«ln, (the acting President) Ufor Mr Cjn.hrl, i for M' V.llanno. .n.l I for Mr Hurrero Domingo (.'4icetlo wa« then nt-r*. > drpotiiion wat then arm to inlorm ihr Liberator that the t.tmgrt** hail . ther man gilt in when the »tig« went jn board the horse boat, and Heated himself on the back si-af, antl spoke to Fistiec* and Mid he had »cen liim oil board a steamboat) but F. did not recollect him. After lh« »t.,rc got this side the halfway iiousc, F, observed tins person cut tint; ojien the mail liag. F. was going to speak, but lie told him not to, tlut there is a good deal of money in the bag, ami he would give Th« Nrw Tnrk Courier euntaina III* following rr Sksrkt in rilalUm to the gambling house* in that oily . If Ihe atrong arroof the police be not, competent It tiippret* llir.e haiinla of vice U« SStTUpless oftA-•""V1 •;.-,•' . • .-j':.
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