Remote Monitoring System of Water Supply Pipeline Based on ZigBee and WiFi

Yong Tie, Ting Zhao, Qingxia Feng, Yang Liu, Xueli Ren
2018 Proceedings of the 2018 3rd Joint International Information Technology,Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Conference (JIMEC 2018)   unpublished
Water is an extremely important resource for the man, thus, to improve the reliability of water supply pipeline is very useful. In this paper, a remote monitoring system for water supply pipeline based on ZigBee and WiFi is designed. The system can effectively resolve the problems of poor real-time performance, high cost, and labor intensiveness of conventional water supply pipeline leakage monitoring systems. The system can be used to detect leaks in the water supply pipe based on the
more » ... sed on the transient change of the negative pressure in the pipe. When the water supply pipeline leaks, the sound signal in the pipeline is collected, and the acoustic signal data are transmitted to the data processing center in real time through the wireless sensor network and the WiFi network. By analyzing and processing these data in the host computer, the leak is located and the goal of monitoring the water supply pipeline in real time is eventually reached.
doi:10.2991/jimec-18.2018.48 fatcat:7yrjp45n2jg2td5lz53veilwum