Ethical Review in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

John Heo
2021 AI Ethics Journal  
Artificial intelligence (AI), particularly machine learning, has made significant strides in the past decade. Due to the widely applicable nature of this technology, the emergence of increasingly intelligent machines is poised to transform today's society. Recently, the rate of AI development has aroused significant concerns due to the lack of guiding policy and regulation. Thus, it is integral for the public to recognize the technology and make informed choices regarding the future of AI. This
more » ... paper serves to acquaint the layperson and other stakeholders involved in AI development with the current progress of AI and the ethical concerns that must be addressed before significant advancements. The subject of discussion is narrowed down to three fields of AI's most prominent use: (1) the internet; (2) the automotive industry; and (3) the healthcare industry. For each sector, the foundation of the domain-specific AI technique is introduced, the benefits and ethical ramifications are discussed, and a final cost-benefit analysis is provided.
doi:10.47289/aiej20210716-4 fatcat:m65dce67nzhdbfvngjkkfflrzu