Ladies' Orchestras

1884 Scientific American  
Scientific American Supplement, Vol. XVIII" No. 452. t Scientific American. established 1845. f LADIES' OROHESTRAS. AMONG occupations snitable for women tbe playing of instruments in orchestral companies seems to offer unusuftl advantages. The demand for good music is perpetual, and skillfnl players are always required. III this country the large summer hotels pay rrom ten thousand to thirty thou salld dollars per season for an orchestra; and in most cases the mnsic might readily be furnished
more » ... women. The same in respect to theflters and concerts. Good or chestras with women as the players doubtless could always find remunerative employment. The most recent effort in this directioll is thftt of ft titled lady in England. We copy the accompanying engmving and remarks from the London Graphie.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican08301884-7207asupp fatcat:qr5znrmhbfdm7objaqmeqbwy2i