The Central Stars Parameters and the Distances to Galactic Planetary Nebulae

O. I. Sharova
2003 Symposium - International astronomical union  
In our paper (Sharova, 1995) a method of determining the distances to galactic planetary nebulae has been based on the recently established (Sharova, 1992) regression relationship between the central stars radius and the temperature. Now our scale is compared to 18 other scales, in four of which the central stars parameters also are used, instead of nebulae ones. The scale distance estimationsDSare compared with independently known individual distanceD. The values log(DS/D) and their dependence
more » ... nd their dependence on radius of the nebulae are analysed. Each scale is described by two parameters: a geometrical average value < logDS/D> and the relation ρ/ρc, where ρ is the correlation coefficient for logDS/D— logRN, and ρcis its critical value. If ρ/ρc> 1, the correlation is significant with the confidence probability 95%. For example we obtained the following results: ρ/ρc= 0.153, 0.494, 2.126, 2.228; <DS/D>=0.999, 2.145, 2.126, 1.414 for our scale and for widely known MKH, CKL, VdSZ scales respectively. By both criteria our scale achieves better agreements, on average, with individual estimations of distances than others.
doi:10.1017/s0074180900208097 fatcat:bgh3hz27djhm3lgzjz3jfzbw3y