Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics Papers Abstracts

2017 unpublished
This study presents a numerical scheme for solving one dimensional equations of conservation law form. The Saulyev's finite difference techniques are used to compute the solution. Although the resulting difference equation do not appear explicit, a suitable use of the equation make it explicit. It is shown that this explicit scheme is unconditionally stable. A numerical example is presented to demonstrate the accuracy and efficiency of the proposed computational procedure. (pp. 1-4) AN
more » ... SCHEME ON THE HOMOTOPY ANALYSIS METHOD FOR SOLVING NONLINEAR ALGEBRAIC EQUATIONS Safwan Al-Shara', Fadi Awawdeh, S. Abbasbandy In this paper, an automatic scheme coupled with homotopy analysis method is presented for solving nonlinear algebraic equations. The experimental results show the potential and limitations of the new method and imply directions for future work. (pp. 5-14) A NEW INTEGRAL TRANSFORM B.G. Sidharth Using Bauer's expansion and properties of spherical Bessel and Legender functions, we deduce a new transform and briefly indicate its use. (pp. 15-18) DISJOINT J-CLASS OPERATORS Abdelaziz Tajmouati, Mohammed El Berrag In this paper, we first introduce the notion of disjoint extended limit set for a tuple of bounded linear operators on a separable Banach space X, and we extend some results from a single operator to a tuple of sequences of operators. (pp. 19-28) EQ-ALGEBRAS WITH PSEUDO PRE-VALUATIONS Yongwei Yang, Xiaolong Xin The concepts of (positive implicative, implicative) pseudo pre-valuations and strong pseudo prevaluations are introduced and some related characterizations are studied. The relationships among positive implicative pseudo pre-valuations, implicative pseudo pre-valuations and pseudo pre-valuations are investigated, and conditions for a real-valued function to be a pseudo pre-valuation are also discussed. By using a congruence relation induced via a pseudo valuation, we construct a quotient structure and prove certain isomorphism theorems. In this paper, completeness and completableness of the Hausdorff fuzzy metric spaces on the family of nonempty finite sets are explored. Also, necessary and sufficient conditions for the Hausdorff fuzzy metric spaces on the family of nonempty compact sets to be complete are found. We introduce a new subgroup embedding property of a finite group called nearly CAP -embedded subgroup. Using this subgroup property, we determine the structure of finite groups with some nearly CAP -embedded subgroups of Sylow subgroups. Our results unify and generalize some recent theorems on p-nilpotency and supersolvability of finite groups. (pp. 59-68) SOURCE TERM IDENTIFICATION IN SEMIDIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS In this paper we propose a numerical method for the source term identification in semidifferential equations form noisy data. Our method employ a mollification technique to stabilize (regularize) the inverse solution. We prove convergence results for both the continuous and discretized problems. Numerical examples are provided to validate the effectiveness of the proposed approach. (pp. 69-76) REGULAR MULTIPLICATIVE TERNARY HYPERRING