Remote factory management for manufacturing-support (3rd report) : A development of FDML application system for ASSIST
リモートファクトリマネージメントによる製造業支援(第3報) : ASSISTのためのFDMLアプリケーションの開発(製造における監視・制御・検査)

Toshiaki KIMURA, Hirohisa TEZUKA, Ken-ichiro SHIMOKURA, Yuichi KANDA
2004 The Proceedings of Manufacturing Systems Division Conference  
This paper discusses a manufacturing supporl system , which comains not only maintenance services but also consu ] ting services wiIh inter − enterprise co 日aboration by engineering cempanies and machine tool vcndors f( )r muit 卜vendor ' s manufacturing systems . The support systcm is called ASSIST ( After Sales Support Inter − enterprise co 【 1aboration System using infbrmation Technologies ) . 0 冂 the other hand、 standardization technologies such as FDML ( Field Data Markup Language)and FDC (
more » ... Faotory Data Cen 乳 er ) fbr remote factory management services are discussed by standardization activities . Therefbre . a prQtotypc
doi:10.1299/jsmemsd.2004.45 fatcat:zwinuftrvbgbtjlccivtwkigoa